Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's Been Too Long

First of all, I wanted to say I am happy to see I have a few followers! ^_^ I appreciate the interest, guys! I'm going to try to update more often, even with "incomplete" looks. If there's ever a look you want me to do, advice, how-tos, anything, leave a comment and let me know. I am open to criticism, no matter how harsh. Honest!

Now, onto the post. I was shopping at Ulta a few weeks ago and noticed these crazy colorful NYX liners. I swatched them and knew I had to buy a couple. I decided on "Extreme Blue" and "Crystal Champagne".


The blue is a gorgeous royal blue color, unfortunately it looks a bit light because of flash. The crystal champagne liner is pretty and perfect for highlighting under the eye or adding a neutral glitter to finalize a look. I immediately thought of putting them on top of liquid liner and put the blue on as soon as I got home.


I've used both of them a few times now and I have been disappointed in their performance. Crystal champagne has a tendency to peel off, like you've applied a strip of glittery glue that breaks down over a few hours. It came off in one piece! I'm going to test them a bit more, but for now their staying power is not as good as I was hoping. Otherwise, they are a lot of fun to play with!

I also bought a few NYX pearl pigments. This is a quick look I did with "Lime Pearl". I definitely recommend picking these pigments up. They're cheap, easy to apply, and color payoff is excellent.


Now onto nailpolish! I've been loving nail colors lately and wanted to try crackle polishes. After some searching, I found OPI's "Black Shatter" at Ulta. I wanted to grab a glittery color to put underneath and decided to go with Orly's "It's Not Rocket Science". Here are the two colors:


And on my nails:


I know, messy application! But practice makes perfect, right? Overall, I have to say I'm not a fan of crackle polishes. They have a tendency to get clumpy after opening the bottle a few times. I may use Seche Restore to thin it out, but I haven't been able to verify if it's safe to use in crackle polish. Anybody know? I would love to use it more but now it's too difficult to apply.

Now yesterday's make-up! I wanted to try something neutral but with huge lashes and bold lips.


This is the same look with a lighter color concealer under my eyes and a nude lip:


I used my favorite false lashes, Ardell's "wispies" or "demi-wispies". They are perfect for everyday wear and really tie a look together.

Okay, that's all for now. Remember, any feedback is welcome! I would love to hear from some of my followers!

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  1. I subscribed so I don't miss a post! : ) Love the more neutral looks. How about tutorials on basic application? I'm all thumbs when it comes to eyeliner!

    --Sarah B.